After the Rmeish incident…a request from Hezbollah supporters

It was learned that Hezbollah’s leadership indirectly asked its supporters and partisans, through a group of officials, to fully commit not to engage in any discussions on social media sites related to the incident in the town of Rmeish that took place a few days ago, which included tension between residents and militants due to their attempt to launch missiles from the town.

According to the sources, these requests came unofficially, but were linked to the framework of “militancy” between officials and partisans, with the aim of not raising any problem or sensitivity at the present time.

For reference, Hezbollah issued a statement denying what was reported about its entry into the town to launch rockets, placing that news within the framework of fake news.

On the other hand, it turned out that there were supporters who “tweeted” outside the group and took the initiative to attack activists who expressed their solidarity with the people of Rmeish.

According to the information, there are people who received threatening messages via social media sites from unknown parties because of their position on the Rmeish incident.


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