Al-Rahi accuses the Council President and its members of depriving Lebanon of a president… and Mufti Qabalan responds

The Easter message of the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros Al-Rai, broke the deadlock in the political arena, as Al-Rai did not spare the Parliament and its president from criticism and hold them responsible for obstructing the election of the president, as he said that the Council, in the person of its president and members, is deliberately and without legal justification depriving the State of Lebanon of a president, in violation of the constitution. In its introduction, which declares that Lebanon is a democratic, parliamentary republic, and in the method of its election in Article 49, and in the Council losing its legislative powers, so that it becomes only an electoral body according to Article 75.

Al-Rahi stressed that “unfortunately, there is no authority to restore the Council to regularity in accordance with the Constitution.” As a result, state institutions are disintegrated, and the people suffer and lose confidence in all their rulers,” he asked, “Where is the charter?” Where is the basic Christian element in the formation of the National Charter?

Al-Rahi did not neglect to mention the situation in the south in his message, as he stressed that “the south is the heart of Lebanon and is in the greatest and most difficult suffering,” stressing that “south Lebanon, and indeed all of Lebanon, belongs to all the Lebanese who decide together and together the future of their homeland, its peace and security, and when to fight and by whom.” Yes to whom,” he called on the Lebanese to “have a common word to declare a cessation of the war immediately and without delay, to adhere to the relevant international resolutions, especially Resolution 1701, to spare the South from its pain from the Israeli killing machine, and to uphold the concepts of peace and resurrection.”

He considered that “Lebanon began to lose the essence of its identity, lost its positive and active neutrality, and entered, against its will, into regional and international conflicts and wars that were not in its interest or in the interest of its people. This neutrality is not impossible, but rather it is the foundation of the establishment of an inclusive Lebanon.”

Mufti Qabalan responds

On the other hand, during the Ramadan lesson he delivered in the Imam Hussein Mosque – Burj al-Barajneh, the distinguished Jaafari Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan addressed the Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rai by saying: “The charter is a partnership and a national doctrine, and the country with a sacred heart is at war except for those who do not care about Lebanon, and as the president is waging.” Nabih Berri, the sovereign battle on the southern front, is fighting the battle of national partnership in the Parliament on the greatest national and constitutional standards, and the battle of decision-making and national partnership is nothing less than the sovereign epic that the resistance duo is waging on the southern front. The South and the people of the South are the heroes of the wars and the masters of its national interests, and without the South and the people of the South, there is no survival. Lebanon has a presence.”

He added: “The war is a war of Lebanon’s national interests because we are people who do not work for mercenaries and do not take orders from anyone, and what the resistance and the people of the south are doing is a strategic defense so that Netanyahu does not drink tea in Baabda Palace. We are not among those who only care about Lebanon for their own interests, and we are not among those who are taken by Washington or And its dependencies with mortar, and for decades we have been giving this country, its institutions and its sovereignty what no one in this world gives, and Lebanon is still Lebanon with its resistance and sacrifices that are unparalleled in our contemporary history, and our national partnership is driven by the blood blessed to serve this country and all its sects for decades, and we are solid enough for Lebanon and its interests at all. The wood of sectarianism and selection, and we must remember that Lebanon is being Zionized and people are Zionizing with it with the Israeli invasion, so the resistance regained it at the highest price, and today Lebanon is in the most difficult place in the world because of the sacrifices and arsenal of its resistance that guarantees its existence and sovereignty.”

He concluded: “For the sake of history, I truly say: Lebanon is the gift of resistance. If it were not for the resistance, nothing would remain of Lebanon except settlements that were chewed by the fangs of Zionism.”


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