Clashes between a security force and gunmen who tried to kidnap a student in Iraq (video)

A video clip circulating in Iraq showed an armed clash between Babylon police and an armed person who kidnapped a university student after stopping a car that was carrying a group of female students.

A security source reported to Al-Sumaria TV on Saturday that a person had been killed who kidnapped female university students in Babil Governorate..

The source explained, saying, “A person riding in a Tahoe vehicle kidnapped female students in front of the University of Babylon.”“.

He added, “The security forces clashed with the kidnapper on the road leading to Najaf, which led to his death,” pointing out that “the killer is also affiliated and his legal record is full of lawsuits.”“.

The source pointed out that “during the chase and shooting, there was a coaster-type vehicle carrying a funeral coming from Baghdad, and as a result of the random bullets, one of those in the funeral vehicle was killed and others were injured.” ( Russia Today)

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