To fill the shortage… Algeria floods the markets with subsidized goods

The Algerian government flooded the markets with subsidized products and rations to fill the shortage during Ramadan, as authorities moved to increase food and fuel imports and limit exports in the hope of meeting Algerians’ needs for Ramadan iftar meals.

This policy represents a shift from the government’s long-standing practice of limiting imports to support local producers in Algeria, which is suffering from economic decline.

Meat prices changed during the first weeks of Ramadan, but stabilized later. Other prices, such as fruits and vegetables, remained the same in the first week and increased in the second, which raised concerns among citizens.

With more than half of the month of Ramadan passing, officials praise efforts to stabilize product prices and avoid shortages.

Trade Minister Tayeb Zitouna told public radio this week that making products available in acceptable quality and quantities has become a reality in the country. He stressed that with the availability of goods at reasonable prices, the impact will be positive on the purchasing power of citizens.

But despite the goods being offered in appropriate quantities in grocery stores in the capital and other cities and towns, mountainous regions resorted to social media platforms to express fears that they would not reach their markets. (Sky News Arabia)

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