Great news for the holidays… Restaurants in Lebanon Full

The LBCI channel broadcast a report today, Saturday, in which it said that reservations in restaurants are so many, that there are even tourist facilities in which it will never be possible to find a single chair during the next few days.

Tony Al-Rami, head of the Syndicate of Restaurant, Café, Nightclub and Patisserie Owners in Lebanon, said that the tourism sector is a transient of crises, and that the restaurant and nightlife sector proved its presence last summer and managed the crisis well and withstood resilience.

Al-Rami stated that the restaurant movement during Ramadan and Easter represents a “mini-rehearsal” for the movement that will be witnessed next summer, and said: “If we move from gunpowder to diplomacy regarding the situation in southern Lebanon and we have sustainable tourism, the sector is in the waiting room and ready to provide the highest level of tourism.” Services”.

The report points out that the reasons for the prosperity of the restaurant sector are many, including that the situation in Lebanon has begun to adapt to the “cash economy,” especially since a large portion of citizens are now receiving their salaries in US dollars, while there are many families receiving remittances from abroad.

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