Security Council sanctions are turning into an indiscriminate weapon to punish countries

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russia cannot quietly watch the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council turn into an indiscriminate weapon to punish certain countries.

This came in a comment by the official spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, in response to Western dissatisfaction with Russia’s use of its veto against a draft resolution proposing to extend the mission of the expert group on sanctions against North Korea..

Zakharova added that the White House considers Russia’s use of its veto against the UN Security Council resolution aimed at imposing sanctions on North Korea to be reckless behavior. However, Russia actually deals seriously with the issue of sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council, which exist in order to establish peace and stability, and it complies with the resolutions approved by the Council..

But at the same time, Russia cannot calmly watch these sanctions, which are supposed to be an emergency measure, as they turn into an indiscriminate weapon used to punish certain countries and not others. In the context of the situation surrounding the Korean Peninsula, this is exactly what is happening.

Zakharova pointed out the consequences of this trend on ordinary citizens, saying: It is clear that endless sanctions do not bring the desired results to achieve the declared goals, while they only lead to tightening the financial and economic siege on the entire country with all the consequences that follow on it. Simple people.

According to Zakharova, the strong reaction from the United States and some other Western countries to the Russian veto was not surprising, since the aforementioned international players “relied a lot on this surveillance tool, and they hoped to continue using it to achieve their own geopolitical goals in aspects related to Pyongyang.”.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that the purpose of the activities of the expert group, which cannot be described as independent and impartial, was not to resolve issues related to maintaining international and regional security, but rather to criminalize Pyongyang and discredit the friends of the Republic of North Korea..

Zakharova continued: For our part, we carefully studied the experts’ requests and we can say with confidence that most of them were not based on strong enough foundations. However, not everyone conscientiously approaches the issue of interaction with experts, otherwise it would have long ago been possible to identify and stop arms smuggling channels into Haiti..

( Russia Today)

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