A horrific crime shakes Jordan.. A man kills his daughter and sends pictures of her to her mother to annoy her!

The Grand Criminal Court in Jordan issued a ruling against a person who strangled his two-year-old daughter to death in the capital, Amman, and then proceeded to photograph her and send the pictures to his ex-wife in order to anger her.

During a public session, the court found the 28-year-old accused guilty of premeditated murder, in violation of the provisions of Article 3226 of the Penal Code, and sentenced him to 20 years’ imprisonment.

The court’s decision stated that a year before the crime, which occurred in January 2024, marital and family disputes occurred between the accused and his ex-wife, the complainant, due to the former’s drug use and drinking alcoholic beverages, as well as his desire to involve the complainant in begging and prostitution, but the complainant refused and left the marital home. After that, the complainant filed a lawsuit for discord and dispute with the Sharia Court against the accused, until she obtained a ruling ordering her divorce from him.

According to the court, the accused tried to convince the complainant several times to return to him, but she refused to do so and he threatened her daughter with the phrase, “By God, I will burn your heart for her.”

The decision explained that, based on an agreement with the complainant, the betrayed child remained living with her father in his family’s home, before he contacted his ex-wife to return the child to her, but she informed him that she was outside the governorate in which she resided and asked him to bring her the next day.

The same source said that the accused saw a picture of his ex-wife on the WhatsApp application with someone, which sparked his anger. As a result, he took the child to an area south of the capital, Amman, and placed her on his lap in a dirt yard, and put his hands on her nose and mouth to hold her breath, which led to her suffocation. And her death. After he was certain of the death of the child, he photographed her, sent her pictures to her mother, and also sent an audio recording of her indicating that his daughter had been killed. Then he called his brother and informed him of what had happened, before he was arrested. (Russia Today)

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