“Call of the Nation” is a cause that will not die

Zuhair Karaki wrote in “Call of the Nation”:

In 2019, the late Michel Moktif republished the newspaper “Nidaa Al-Watan” as an issue… an issue of Lebanon’s sovereignty and dignity, not for a commercial or material goal, as it does not lack what small merchants covet or what satisfies the greed of money-servants… an issue in which his faith in his homeland, Lebanon, the independent master, secured it. Despite the hatred and conspiracies besieged by the Macron, which lead to weakening him and fragmenting the solidarity of his citizens, they were even intended to raise his international standing, as the world had previously known.

This issue was brought together by people with great experience and free pens that cannot be bought with money and are not dependent on the desires of people led by premeditated intentions. Under its editor-in-chief and the heads of its editorial and production departments, it was a clear platform for every honorable citizen and a free space for every believer in freedom of opinion and expression.

Two years ago, fate wished for the founder to die, and the case continued its journey in fulfillment of his wish. It followed the same path, while his spirit wandered among us, clinging to the resolve of the will and belief in it, and the case did not die.

Like all institutions in Lebanon’s current economic situation, there were bound to be obstacles that came our way, so we overcame them with resolve and determination in the hope of Lebanon’s resurrection and salvation, but the circumstances were too strong for us to face the risk of financial failure, like many institutions in Lebanon.

Yes, “Nidaa al-Watan” stopped publishing today, but its issue will not stop, and we will remain with our determination and will to continue moving forward with this issue, even through other sites and platforms, and thus the issue will not die again.

On the other hand, some cheap pens of weak souls and some gloating people who dreamed of achieving what “Call of the Nation” had achieved in its short period of time in terms of raising the level of written journalism, which our political, judicial and social system in all its categories attest to, rushed in.

Congratulations to us on our clear position and misery of the haters.

“Call of the Nation” is a cause that will not die twice and will return stronger, as it stopped and returned before.

“Regarding the chemicals present in the Zouk laboratory… here is the decision


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