After hours of terror in the Netherlands, the police freed the hostages and arrested a suspect

After hours of terror and security alert, in the town of Edde in central Holland, after a number of hostages were taken in a building, the police announced that all the detainees are now free.

It also confirmed in a brief statement on its account on the “X” platform, today, Saturday, that a suspect had been detained, after the last hostage was released.

However, she indicated her inability at the present time to provide more information, knowing that she had previously ruled out that the incident was a terrorist incident.

This came after security was able earlier today to release 3 out of 4 hostages who were held by an armed man inside the “Petticoat” cafe in the small town.

Meanwhile, several local media outlets reported that a “disoriented” man entered the aforementioned café and started making threats. (Arabic)

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