Washington is preparing for a “positive” step towards Saudi Arabia

“Bloomberg” revealed that “there is a prominent Democratic member in the US Senate who is reviewing the restrictions imposed on US arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which indicates warmer relations.”

Senator Ben Cardin, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated that he recommended that his staff review all comments on arms sales to the Saudis.

He added that, in some cases, the US President’s team submitted requests for review, noting that in other cases, work on them is being done independently.

“We are trying to clean up a lot of that,” Cardin said in an interview with reporters in the Capitol building, explaining that “some of them (frozen deals) are no longer relevant sales, so we will try to work with management to see if they are still interested in these sales.” But some of them I would like us to work on with the administration so that we can announce any objections we have regarding them.”

Bloomberg also explained that Cardin’s statements “reflect a shift in the committee’s behavior since its former chairman, Bob Menendez, stepped down from its management as he faced legal allegations in New York of receiving bribes.”

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