More than 3 times what it was… Zelensky reveals his income has increased

The Ukrainian President announced that his income in 2022 will increase more than 3 times what it was the previous year.

Volodymyr Zelensky said that his income for 2022 rose to 12.42 million hryvnia, equivalent to 306 thousand US dollars, from 3.7 million hryvnia he announced earlier, and that the increase is due to improved rental income and the sale of some government bonds.

The Ukrainian President called on government officials to disclose their income as part of efforts to increase transparency and eliminate corruption, as Ukraine seeks to meet the strict requirements for joining the European Union.

A statement on the president’s website said most of Zelensky and his family’s income came from his salary, bank interest and rent owed from his properties.

The statement added that Zelensky and his family received income of 7.45 million hryvnia from the sale of government bonds.
The statement did not indicate any major changes in the president’s assets or the cars he owns.

In previous statements, Zelensky announced an income of 3.7 million hryvnia for the family in 2022 and an income of 10.8 million hryvnia in 2021, before the outbreak of war. He then attributed the sharp decline in 2022 to a decline in rental income.

Western allies providing arms and financial aid to Kiev, as well as international bodies such as the International Monetary Fund, have sought guarantees on efforts to root out corruption. (Sky News)

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