A huge scandal… journalists looted Biden’s plane! (photo)

A huge scandal sparked an uproar in Washington, as shameful facts were revealed about the widespread phenomenon of theft of the belongings of the press correspondents’ room aboard the US President’s plane, Air Force One.

It was found that dozens of journalists who usually accompany US President Joe Biden and other former presidents on his foreign trips “quietly stuffed their bags before getting off the plane with everything they saw, from whiskey glasses decorated with engravings to wine glasses and almost anything bearing an airplane insignia.” + “Air Force One,” according to Politico.

Bags of chocolate are not enough
Note that the presidential plane crew usually distributes small bags of chocolate bearing only the presidential seal and the signature of the US President.

Mugs and other utensils bearing the “Air Force One” logo are available for purchase online.

But it seems that this is not enough for many of the reporters traveling on the presidential plane, as they carried in their bags many things that their “eyes caught” just as children or teenagers sometimes do in restaurants or perhaps luxury hotels.

A former White House correspondent for a major newspaper even went so far as to organize a dinner party, at which food was served on a set of gilded-rimmed plates that had been stolen from Air Force One and assembled in stages, according to Politico.

Strict warning and reprimand
Perhaps this is what prompted the White House Correspondents’ Association to send an email last month to its members with a stern warning that journalists keeping items missing from the press room as souvenirs had not gone unnoticed.

However, only one reporter responded to this rebuke, as a “secret” meeting was arranged between him and an official media official in a park opposite the White House to return an embroidered pillow that he had seized from the reporters’ cabin on Air Force One.

It is noteworthy that 13 journalists usually accompany the US President on his trips, and they sit in a cabin in the back of the presidential Boeing plane. (Arabic)

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