State Security is under investigation into the case of Danny Al-Rashid’s escape

Youssef Diab wrote in “Al-Anbaa Al-Kuwaitia”: The political, judicial and security storm resulting from the incident of the escape of Danny Al-Rashid, one of the prominent detainees, from the State Security prison in Beirut has not yet subsided, despite his re-arrest, given that strong suspicions swirl around the involvement of senior officials in the agency with… “Smuggling this detainee,” which necessitated subjecting its leaders, led by the head of the agency, Major General Tony Saliba, to a lengthy interrogation before the government commissioner to the military court, Judge Fadi Akiki.

The judicial investigation, which is being conducted by Akiki under the direct supervision of the Cassation Public Prosecutor, Judge Jamal Al-Hajjar, resulted in the arrest of three members of the prison guards, in addition to the director of the Personal Protection Branch, Brigadier General Pierre Barrak, whose prison is located within the security headquarters for which the latter is responsible, while investigations continue with Officers and other personnel.
The escaped prisoner, Dani Al-Rashid, holds the position of director of the office of former Minister Salim Jreissati, advisor to former President Michel Aoun, and personal advisor to the head of the State Security Service, Major General Tony Saliba. He has been detained for approximately two months for the crime of “attempting to kill” M. Abdullah Hanna in Zahle, who is close to the head of the bloc. Popular figure Myriam Skaf is accused of “inciting people to beat him, which caused him severe injuries that almost led to his death.”
The incident of Al-Rashid’s escape called for a judicial and security alert, as the Cassation Public Prosecutor, Judge Jamal Al-Hajjar, held an emergency meeting in his office with the government commissioner, Judge Fadi Akiki, during which it was agreed to open an immediate investigation to be conducted by Akiki, under the supervision of Al-Hajjar. According to a judicial source, this investigation resulted in “the arrest of a senior officer.” (General Barak) and three officers, and there are others who are still under investigation.”
The source confirmed to Al-Anbaa that Akiki “summoned Major General Tony Saliba for interrogation in his capacity as head of the State Security Service and responsible for the behavior of its officers and members,” and said that Saliba “was initially surprised by his summoning and inquired about the reasons, but he returned and agreed to come to Akiki’s office in the military court.” And give his statement.” The source revealed “high-level political contacts accompanied Saliba’s interrogation to prevent his judicial arrest.”
An indictment had been issued by the first investigating judge in Bekaa, Judge Amani Salama, in which she accused Al-Rashid of the “felony” of attempting to kill M. Abdullah Hanna. However, the indictment body annulled Judge Salama’s decision, and contented herself with accusing him of “harm,” and all attempts to release and return him were unsuccessful. To freedom.
It is noteworthy that Al-Rasheed’s escape, or smuggling, came days after a report received by the discriminatory public prosecutor, Judge Jamal Al-Hajjar, stating that this detainee is receiving special treatment from “State Security,” as he is the special advisor to the head of the agency and has close relations with political figures, and there is information about his release. From prison, he was transferred to his home periodically, spending long times with his family and friends. As a result, the Discriminatory Public Prosecutor sent a letter to Saliba in which he requested that all prisoners in the custody of State Security be transferred to prisons and detention centers under the authority of the Internal Security Forces. It turned out that these prisoners had not been transferred. .
The judicial source explained that Al-Hajjar “asked State Security for clarification about the reasons for the delay in transferring the prisoners and requested a list of the names of all those detained,” noting that the discriminatory public prosecutor “received the list that included the names of all the detainees except Danny Al-Rashid, and here Al-Hajjar believed that Al-Rashid had been transferred.” He was taken to a central prison, before he was surprised by the news of his escape at dawn on Thursday.
The General Directorate of State Security issued a statement clarifying the circumstances of the incident, saying, “After the detainee, Danny Al-Rashid, escaped from one of the State Security prisons and disappeared from view, the Directorate launched an investigation and follow-up campaign, during which it was able to determine the location of Al-Rashid’s hiding place within Syrian territory, and after joint coordination between the Directorate and the authorities.” The concerned Syrian security forces carried out a joint security operation inside Syrian territory, which led to his arrest, and he was handed over to the Lebanese General Directorate of Public Security to carry out the required legal procedures.
The statement added that the General Directorate of State Security “is entrusted with truth, law, and freedom. It thanks all the Lebanese media alike, which showed exceptional interest in this escape operation, and this is what strengthened our national resolve, which does not respond to any natural or artificial skepticism, except with appropriate security achievements in service.” “For the mission and duty to which State Security dedicated its life.”


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