The American-French statement renewed the international umbrella around Lebanon

Marouf Al-Daouk wrote in “Al-Liwaa”: A diplomatic source described the paragraph included in the recent American-French summit statement related to Lebanon as important and clearly expressing a common interest in the situation in Lebanon, specifically the ongoing military confrontations on the southern Lebanese border, and the necessity of putting an end to them and electing a president of the republic. As soon as possible.

The source indicated that the allocation of space to Lebanon in the aforementioned statement indicates two things. The first is taking into account the ongoing tension and clashes between Hezbollah and the Israeli occupation forces and the keenness of the two countries on the necessity of putting an end to it and preventing its expansion into a wide war, and specifying Resolution 1701 as the basis for any agreement concluded between them. Lebanon and Israel.
As for the second point, it is the deep concern expressed in the statement regarding the presidential vacuum, and the call to elect a President of the Republic as soon as possible, as a condition for providing the necessary aid and loans, to resolve the worsening crisis and revive the Lebanese economy.
The source concludes by saying that it can be concluded from the content of the American-French statement that the two-state understandings, which spared Lebanon from extending the Israeli war on Gaza to it on a large scale, are still in effect today, and this matter is viewed with satisfaction, but that may not be enough, if it is not accompanied by an end to This war is coming soon.


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