Supporters of the movement stood in solidarity with Aoun

At the Palace of Justice, a number of lawyers and supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement stood in solidarity with Judge Ghada Aoun, who said before them: We want either a state of law or a farm.
The Supreme Disciplinary Authority did not convene in order to complete consideration of its request for the response of the first president, Judge Suhail Abboud.

Also, judicially, a judicial source pointed out that the “judicial police” in Mount Lebanon are now in a position where Judge Aoun does not communicate when any case or file occurs, but rather “communication” is conducted with the alternate Public Prosecutor, instead of the primary Public Prosecutor (i.e. Aoun), according to the source. Aoun’s role is limited to the prosecution, after the file is completed and received by her, without her having the authority to sign.


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